‘I’ll be disappointed if…’

Actress, Yvonne Nelson, says she will be disappointed if she marries and ends up divorcing after that.


According to the actress, though she wants to tie the knot, marriage is not something she would rush into.

“I would love to get married, but I feel a lot of people get pressured by society. I mean if the time is right and it happens, I will be very happy, but marriage is something I don’t want to rush into and rush out of,” she stated.


According to her, because of her personality, she has to be certain before she takes the big step.


“I know how I am. I am a very strong-willed person so if I am going to do it I have to be very sure and both of us have to be on the same page,” she stated.


Yvonne added that despite the fact that she is dating British photographer, Jamie Roberts, she has not had sex in a long time.


According to the actress, who is into a long distance relationship, it is not easy to build up her sex life.

Ms Nelson explained that she is currently focused on raising her child, Ryn Roberts.


She said the work of her boyfriend does not allow them to spend much time together, adding that she does not have much interest in lovemaking but would not think twice if she is to bear another child to add up to Ryn.


“I don’t mind having another child. I have not had sex in more than a year and I am not crazy about sex,” she stated.

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