‘I’ll agree to nudity only if…’ 

The conversation around acting nude in our movie industry has been heard over the years by industry watchers.

Many have expressed their disgust about the act, saying it is not part of our culture and traditions to act nude in movies.

Others have defended it saying as far as the movie industry is growing and actors and actresses hope to go international, acting nude should not be frowned upon but rather embraced.

Many actors and actresses have also come out to share their opinions, and it seems the industry is quite divided with half stating without mincing words that they would go nude but with conditions such as if the money is good.

A Kumawood actress recently revealed that she would go nude if the money was good, with another saying if that was what her fans wanted,” she would.

The latest to add her voice to this ongoing debate of acting nude or not is Baby Blanche.

The controversial actress, known for famously saying she doesn’t wear ‘panties’, says she will act nude in movies if her mother allows it.

When asked by journalists recently if she would act porn for $1million Baby Blanche said because she wasn’t a porn star that would be a no for her, however when asked again if she will go naked without sleeping with anyone, she responded by saying “if she asks her mother and she gives her the go-ahead she will.”

“If it is just a picture, and I don’t have to sleep with anyone, then for $1million I would, but only upon my mother’s approval.”

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