“If You Are A True Democrat Instruct EC to Include Me On The Ballot … Disqualified Independent Presidential Aspirant, Kofi Korateng Tells Akufo-Addo

Disqualified Independent Presidential Aspirant, Mr. Kofi Korateng has challenged President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to instruct the Commissioner of Ghana’s electoral management body, Mrs. Jean Mensah to rescind its earlier decision to bare him (Kofi Korateng) from contesting the 2020 presidential elections slated for December 7, 2020.

“I want President Nana Addo to direct the Electoral Commission (EC) to put me on the presidential ballot paper if he (President Nana Addo) who claims to be a democrat is truly a democrat” Mr. Kpranteng stressed.

The disqualified Independent Presidential Candidate also accused EC for treating him and his them unfairly before reaching the decision to disqualified him.

According to him, instead of sitting down with him and his team to look into the issues of discrepancy that characterized the filing process to sanitize the system of future occurrence, the EC rather went ahead and accused him of engaged in forgery.

Mr. Koranteng threw the challenge at a press briefing in Accra on today Thursday, October 29 2020.

The Independent Presidential Candidate hinted that he and his team are in talks with their legal counsel and would consider legal action against the Electoral Commission upon their advice.

He argued that the allegation of forgery in his nomination documents by the Commission is unfounded and misleading.

“When we were informed about the errors in our entry, we quickly denied the charges and sought to make the needed corrections yet the EC refused to address the corrections. We did not deliberately forge any signatures as suggested by the Commission.

“We filled our forms correctly and submitted same but miraculously our endorsers later turned to be executives of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP). We had the same; names, handwriting, and signatures same as those of CPP. How is that even possible? The process has been unfair and undemocratic and it is obvious the Commission wanted us off the ballot,” Mr Koranteng contended.

Full Remarks on Ballot Disqualification

Full Remarks on Ballot Disqualification

Good Afternoon,
I, Kofi Koranteng, Independent Candidate for President in the 2020 Elections come to you today to announce that the Electoral Commission has once again robbed Ghanaians of a free democratic election.


On October 19, 2020, the Electoral Commission announced that I along with other independent presidential aspirants were being disqualified from the December 7, 2020 ballot.
The reasons given in disqualifying us from appearing on the ballot was that “the disqualified aspirants flouted some of the EC’s technical and IT protocols.”
We will provide a printed handout detailing the events that began on October 8, 2020 and ended on with our disqualification on October 19, 2020.
Today, rather than rehash the events, I would like to address the manipulation of elections by the appointed Electoral Commissioners.
This is not my first fight with the Electoral Commission.
As a leading voice in the Progressive Alliance Movement representing Ghanaian citizens living abroad, I challenged the Electoral Commission in the High Court to expeditiously implement the Representation of the People Amendment Act which was passed in 2006.
The Court agreed with our arguments that the voting rights of those living in diaspora were being stolen because of the failure of the EC to implement the provisions of ROPAA providing them with a mechanism to vote in National Elections.
The court ordered a deadline to the EC which they consistently missed.
Sadly, in the 2020 elections those Ghanaians living in diaspora will not be able to vote again.


In the recent new voter register, which the EC ordered only months ahead of a National Election, there were thousands upon thousands of errors in its compilation.
According to the EC’s Director of Electoral Services, Dr Serebour Quaicoe, these errors are normal.
He stated that they would be rectified before or during the election process.
As a Candidate I would like to be given the same fair, sensible opportunity to correct the minor errors in the paperwork for my campaign.
Recently President Nana Akufo-Addo reiterated a line from my platform saying that Ghana is a Beacon of Democracy for Africa.
If the esteemed President honestly believes that then it is incumbent on him to direct the EC to work with my campaign to correct the minor paperwork errors to place my name on the ballot.
As I have said from the beginning, my campaign is not about me, it is an affirmation of the democracy of Ghana and the democratic rights of every Ghanaian.
By disqualifying the candidacy of Kofi Koranteng from the ballot, the Electoral Commission has removed the hope, dreams, and future of Ghanaians.
If Ghana is to fulfill the 1956 promise of Independence, Freedom and Democracy, it must act to have a transparent, fair, equitable electoral process.
Ghana is one of the few democracies in the world that does not allow write in votes for the candidate of your choice, another anti-democratic rule of our election law that must be addressed.
As the representative of the People’s Campaign for President of Ghana, I am asking that the EC give our campaign the opportunity to correct the small number of errors that have led to our disqualification from the ballot which we contend were purposeful sabotage by those controlled by the ruling parties.
In closing, we look forward to a democratic outcome that will allow us to appear on the ballot.
We call for every Ghanaian to speak up and demand that they can vote for a free, independent candidate who offers a vision for the future.
To our ardent supporters along with those that believe in a free democratic Ghana we ask you to take to send a message and petition the EC to reserve their unfair, unjust ruling removing us as people from the ballot.
Thank you for attending, I will now address your questions.


Re: 2 Page Attachment to the Kofi Koranteng Remarks to the Press on Oct 29, 2020 to Address Ballot Disqualification
This attachment documents the events from October 8, 2020 through October 19, 2020 concerning the Kofi Koranteng Campaign interaction with the Electoral Commission as documented by the Kofi Koranteng Campaign.

  1. Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign handed in our nomination paperwork on Oct 8 at about 11.30 am. It was received by the EC in good order.


  1. Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign received a first call from Ms. Annor of the EC to come to the EC office the following day on Friday Oct 9th. They alerted us that they had found some duplicate entries in our paperwork consistent with the CPP entries. The EC told us that if there were any duplication, they were going to have CPP resubmit their entries because we submitted our paperwork before them.
  2. Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign Received a Second call from Ms. Annor of the EC on Saturday Oct 10th that we have a problem and had to come to the EC. Upon arrival they showed us 19 entries on our paperwork that were duplicates on the CPP paperwork. Ivor Greenstreet presented a party brochure with the exact names on our paperwork.

According to the EC, their investigation had revealed to them that the signatures to the entries on our paperwork were forged. Kofi Koranteng was asked by the EC if he wanted to contest Ivor’s claim that the names on our entries represented the names in his CPP catalog. Mr. Koranteng replied that he did not.

At that point we knew something did not add up. We were advised by Dr. Serebour of EC to resubmit our entries for the said duplicates the next morning at 10 am. We reached out to our constituencies and completed another set of the said entries for submission on Sunday the next day.

  1. Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign were at the EC at 09.35 am. Dr. Serebour made his entry at 2:38pm. Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign tried to hand in the corrected entries only to be told by Ms Annor, Dr Serebour and other members of their committee that they had completed their report and could not accept our corrected forms. We were further advised to make our case to the commissioners. We pleaded and pleaded but our forms were not accepted.

Re: 2 Page Attachments to the Kofi Koranteng Remarks to the Press on Oct 21, 2020 to Address Ballot Disqualification

  1. At 7:30 am on Monday, October 12, 2020 Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign went back to the EC. The Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign were to present our case to the EC commissioner Mr. Tettey. His secretary as per instruction redirected us to go and meet with the committee in the EC annex building. Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign went to the committee in the annex building a second time.

A member of the committee told us the committee was unable to see the Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign or help us with our request and the commissioners were the only ones who could help us. We proceeded again to Mr. Tettey’s office. His secretary told us he was in a meeting and could not see us.

Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign were asked to wait downstairs for a call when he was available to meet with us. We were never called. We left the EC at 6:47 pm on Monday October 12, 2020. Later that evening, Mr. Tettey confirmed he had been busy the whole day and would be able to meet with the Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign the next day, Tuesday October 13, 2020.

  1. Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign which included Carl Morgan, Ofori Ampofo and Kofi Koranteng met with Mr. Tettey on Tuesday at 8:37 am. We denied the forgery claim and explained to him our recollection of account. He took the name of the person who performed the work for the campaign in the Western North Region on behalf of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign. The Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign then left his office.
  2. On Wednesday Oct 14, Representatives of the Kofi Koranteng Campaign handed in the replacement paperwork at Mr. Tettey office to his secretary Ms. Dorcas.
  3. On Monday Oct 19th, the EC made an announcement of disqualification of our candidacy.

He added that the Electoral Commission has since disallowed some diasporans from exercising their voting franchise in the upcoming general elections.

The Electoral Commission disqualified five aspirants for breaching aspects of the nomination process, for which they have been referred to the police for prosecution on the grounds of forgery.

The disqualified are Mr Kwesi Busumbru of the People’s Action Party (PAP), Mr Agyenim Boateng of the United Front Party (UFP), Mr Akwasi Addai Odike of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Mr Kofi Gane and Mr Kofi Koranteng, both independent aspirants.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

Writer’s email: franklinadonkoh@gmail.com

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