Hwakpo Chieftaincy Litigation: Ada Paramountcy Has Not Gazetted Any Chief -Numo Dorkutso

The Stool Secretary to the Ada Paramountcy in the Ada Traditional Area in Greater Accra region, Numo Jonathan Dorkutso has debunked claims that the paramountcy has gazetted and accepted one Nene Hakpo Adi Buertey Puplampu IV from the two feuding factions as chief for Hwakpo.

This he said is due to a divided interest of two families, the Akweh and the Poplampu families of the Adibeawe clan who are both laying claim to the stool.

According to him the paramountcy is yet to go into the issues before it will determine who becomes chief for the people of Hwakpo, one of the ten divisions under the Traditional Area.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the media, the Secretary to the Paramount Stool explained that the current heightened tension in the Hwakpo and its surroundings can only be solved by a committee of inquiry to be set up by the Paramount Chief to ensure that both parties come into consensus to install a candidate who will be accepted by all.

He disclosed that both families have petitioned the paramountcy. Numo Dorkutso therefore assured both parties that the paramountcy will expedite action on the issue in order to bring finality to the matter for the sake of peace and unity.

Meanwhile the Spokesperson for Puplampo family, Mr. Jones David Okonko in a reaction to the  issue said they disagreed with Numo Dorkutso;s proposal for the setting up a committee of inquiry.

He maintained that the Puplampo family has already installed a chief (Nene Hakpo Adi Buertey Puplampu IV) and that nothing will change their stands. “The outcome of the proposed measure will not favour us because we suspect the paramountcy of being in bed with the Akwehs family.” He opined.

Mr. Okonko also accused the Secretary to the Paramount Stool, Numo Dorkutso for fueling tension within the Ada traditional area to his benefit.

However, Numo Jonathan Dorkutso denied the allegations against him and maintains he has always fought for the interest of the Ada traditional area. “We have ten divisions and Hwakpo is just one of them, why are the others not fighting if what the Puplampo family is alleging is the true picture.” he asked.

“The allegations against me cannot be true. Did they show you any documents of legitimacy? That is why this matter needs to be determined by a committee of enquiry.” Numo Dorkutso insisted.

When Nene Osusey Ackwerh II Chief of Foahnguah Totimekope one of the divisional chiefs was reached on phone to seek his opinion on the matter said the paramountcy will meet and the issue but was worried that the posture of the Poplampo family as uncalled for and described it as  detrimental to any healing process of the pending chieftaincy litigation.



Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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