My husband was not responsible —Daasebre’s wife alleges

It’s almost two years after the demise of the award-winning highlife musician Daasebre Gyamenah, his second wife has publicly revealed the ‘irresponsible’ side of her late husband.

Speaking in an interview on the entertainment segment of Adom TV’s Badwam, Ahosepe, Madam Amina Ibrahim shocked Ghanaians with a revelation that her late husband was not performing his duties as a father and husband.

Late Daasebre Gyamenah

Monitored by Entertainment Today, she confessed that her husband’s promiscuous lifestyle forced her to spend all her business capital on their now 9-year-old son who was sick for more than four years.

“My son became very sick for more than four years, I was the only person taking care of him. He became paralyzed and I had to move him from one place to another. At the end of the day, there was not even a penny left for me to take him to the hospital. I used all my savings and even my business capital,” she said.

When pushed further by the host she revealed that “things became very difficult that Daasebre stopped coming to us (Amina and her child), He didn’t take care of his child.”

Madam Aminah added that though she was married to Daasebre Gyamenah for some years, he never cared for her.

“Daasebre stopped coming to me, he was always with his first wife. The hardship began when he was alive because I was the one doing everything for our child”, she further alleged.

Though Daasebre Gyamena had several hit songs and albums to his credit, his second wife said, her late husband always denied having money.

She refused to comment on whether Daasebre’s first wife was the one stopping her late husband from taking care of her.


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