‘Hope for 1D1F in Hohoe’


Mr Nathaniel Kove, a cassava processing expert, has said the Hohoe enclave is an ideal location for the establishment of a major cassava processing industry.

He said cassava production has long flourished in the area and with the right support, farmers would readily deliver under the industrial regime of the One District One Factory (1D1F) policy.

Mr Kove, who owns NK Farms and Trading Enterprise, in an interview, said small scale processors in the area were expanding and would require government’s help with uninterrupted supplies of inputs and utilities.


He said due to the zero waste and high industrial demand, cassava continues to rank high amongst the most extensively farmed crops.

Mr Kove said with over 20 years’ experience in cassava processing, his company works at helping to advance the capacities of farmers in developing the crop into a high earner for players on its supply chain.


He said over 50 farmers from within the Hohoe Municipality were currently benefiting from the company’s share cropping project, which aims at producing 3200 tonnes of the root tuber from about 200 acres of land.


Mr Kove said his company was  engaging stakeholders including the Ministry of Trade on securing a support package of about GH¢100,000.00 for it’s out grower project, whiles targeting about 3 million USD towards the establishment of a factory.

He said with the support of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council, about 1000 acres of land has been released by the Fodome community towards government’s industrialisation agenda adding that there is the need to address various challenges including power supply, roads and access to water.

Mr Kove said the Ministry must also provide support teams to drive the implementation of the 1D1F.

He said the company currently produced high quality cassava flour and granules, ethanol, and potato flour aimed at suppling the textile, plywood, and catering industries.

NK Farms was once adjudged the best gari processor in the Hohoe Municipality, and continues to identify and support farmers with high yield cassava sticks.




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