‘Hold on to ethics …of leadership and governance’


Members of the Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG) Ghana chapter have been urged to hold on tightly to the professional ethics of the leadership and governance profession.


They have also been reminded that the institute still upholds the tenets conferred on it by legislation and thus, as a professional body registered by Law and controlled by Representative Council, a member found guilty of misconduct by the council may have his or her membership completely withdrawn.


The Director of Africa Operations, Dr Adams Bediako Asare, gave the advice during the 1st induction and awards ceremony of the institute at Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi of the Ashanti Region during which 48 members were inducted into the institute.


He said “as we stand firm to inculcate into our members and practitioners continuous learning, technical competency, practical orientation and ethical discipline in the field of leadership and governance, we are to remain focused as a collection of self-motivated individuals of varied competence who are willing to work towards our goals.”


According to him, having realised the importance of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for its members, the institute will be organising CPD events on a regular basis for the benefit of its members and the business community alike, adding that education and training will be a top priority in the agenda with local and foreign resources.


Dr Asare said there have been few changes in the Regional Directorate of CILG in Africa adding that currently, CILG has 17 chapters in Africa with the Head Office of CILG Africa now in Ghana.


“We should assert ourselves as self-conscious and self-examined individuals in the ever-challenging profession in this rapidly changing corporate national and international environment,” he said.

At least 30 per cent of members, he said are spread in all continents across the globe and new members are taking up overseas assignments in various sectors, which is an enormous testament to CILG’s global recognition.

“In this regard, during my tenure of office, steps are being taken to activate chapters in Africa especially the North and East part of Africa,” he said.


“CILG members are our primary product and as a responsible institute, we should ensure that they are in a position to respond to globally changing demands much more positively.”


Today employees, he said, were facing the ever-increasing expectations of   discerning employers and clients. Working environment also undergoes rapid changes and employees are expected to adapt to this scenario swiftly.

“Professional education, therefore is imperative, not only for students but also for the members which is also an integral part of continuing professional development,” he said.


The institute is affiliated to other professional bodies specifically the Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership, USA.




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