‘Hold civil engineers responsible for flooding’

President of Sanitation Ambassador Ghana (SAG), Mr Kwabena Fori, has blamed civil engineers in the various metropolitan municipal and district assemblies for many flood cases in the country.

According to him, they have failed to supervise and identify potential flooding areas, which would have prevented people from developing such areas.

Mr. Kwabena Fori said this in an interview with Today on Sunday after the weekend was characterised by a heavy downpour, which displaced many people in the country.

He accused districts and municipal engineers of extorting money from landlords and granting them illegal building permit to build along waterways.

According to him, most of these civil engineers do not pay attention to their jobs but rather take monies from innocent Ghanaians and grant them with building permit to build on unauthorised areas.

He added that the Ashanti Rßegion recently recorded two casualties as result of flood.

He therefore called on the government to advice district and municipal engineers on their job description to reduce the rampant occurrence of floods in the country and punish any officer found issuing fake permits to developers.



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