This is highly unacceptable of our security agencies!

THERE is an African proverb, which says: “when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”  The import of this proverb is that the weak gets hurt in conflicts between the powerful.

WIKIPEDIA defines a police force as “a constituted body of persons empowered by a state to enforce the law, to protect people and property, and prevent crime and civil disorder”. It is also stated that their powers include “the power of arrest and the legitimised use of force.”

IT is, therefore, appalling to hear policemen being assaulted in the discharge of their duties, duties to make the country a safer place, and nonetheless by soldiers, another body of people also constituted by this same state to defend the country.

WELL this is what recently happened in the Northern Region after a soldier was allegedly arrested for flouting the rules of the country and assaulting another person.  Unfortunately this wasn’t a one off event, but something that had happened on numerous occasions—police being beaten by soldiers for dispatching their duties and other times for very trivial doings.

EARLIER this year, a policeman was assaulted in the Upper East Region for wearing military shorts, in March two further policemen were assaulted by soldiers in a suspected reprisal attack, there are too many such instances littered in our history to mention.

IT is in the light of this latest incident that Weekend Today condemn the action(s) of both forces and call on their leadership to show their faces, take responsibility for the actions of their “men” and see to it that the guilty ones are duly punished and such actions not repeated.

HAVE the security forces really considered the kind of state they could be leading the country into if they continue fighting and disrespecting themselves? Do they also know that they are responsible for the peace in the nation and that they called such duty on themselves when they applied for the job?

WHATEVER has happened between them before, it is time they buried the hatchet or better still directed their hatchets towards crime and threats to our peace as a nation.

“Operation Calm Life” launched by the President to combat crime in the country has been successful so far due to the police and Ghana army working well together and hand in hand.

WE have seen the progress that can be made when the two forces work together and how much of a better country that would make us.  Let’s not forget all things are interconnected, if the country isn’t safe we can forget about the outside investment we need so much to boost our economy and we can also forget about increasing productivity of the citizens as no one is going to be worried about work before his safety and that of his or her family.

WE thank all police and military personnel for their service and we pray for God’s protection for them in the discharge of their duties.

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