GTUC End Of Semester Exams Withheld Over Strike Actions

The Accra campus of the Ghana Technology University College turned chaotic this morning after students were refused writing of their end of second semester examination.

Information gathered by Campus TV indicates that the exams which were slated to commence today [Monday 16th April, 2018] actually began.

After sharing question papers and answer booklets to the students, and before some students could even pen down their names, some senior lecturers stormed the lecture halls and asked the students to walk out of the halls leaving their question papers and answer booklets behind. Those who refused were forced out of the halls.

This led to some chaos on the GTUC campus, since the students did not understand the ongoing situation.

Campus TV also gathered that, the management of the School is owing the lecturers some amount of monies. That is why the lecturers took the stance to boycott the examination since that is the only bait for their monies to be paid.

Student leadership which is the SRC has refused to comment on the situation.

But right before Campus TV left the scene, a notice was issued by the GTUC interim management committee, indicating that the Examination had been postponed.

The students fumed up in anger and disappointment since they did not see why they should be affected by the negligence of duty by the Management of the School.

Speaking to one of the students, she confirmed rumours that were circulating over the weekend that, the lecturers were going to embark on strike action over unpaid salaries and allowances.

The confirmation of that rumour is the impasse that arose on the campus this morning.

Campus TV is still following up on the situation and will keep readers updated on any development concerning the situation.



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