Group takes on GWCL over move to still ration water

Executive Coordinator for Drink Safe Water Group, Mr Krobea Asante, has called on Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to sit up, or better learn to adopt innovative ways of reaching out for excess volumes of water, so that it will be able to do uninterrupted water supply.

“I burn up hearing GWCL announcing rationing of water in parts of Accra, because God has given GWCL the technologies and skills to do water harvesting, treatment and redistribution.

He stressed that GWCL must learn to harvest rain water and those from run offs to spare us lazy excuses.

“God knows we knew of this harmattan and that we ought to prepare in advance to curtail the future circumstances, Mr Krobea added.


He mentioned that the National Community Water and Sanitation Programme launched in 1994 and adopted in 2007 with a Legislative Instrument has failed to accomplish its main goal to improve the public health and economic wellbeing of rural and small communities through the provision of sustainable water and sanitation services, and hygiene promotion interventions.

Chairman of Drink Safe Water Group, Mr. Issaka Amon Kotei, before end of 2017 said, “let the rains cease and we shall have thinking heads”.

This is just absolute truth, and cannot be despised for here we are when parents and school children strive to get water for household chores.

The situation where both students and parents strive for water is an economic woe and indictment on educational standards.

Under the Service Standards, Regulations and Guidelines for community Water and Sanitation Agency on Small town water supply scheme:

– Each person in a served community has access to a minimum of 20 litres of water per day.

– Walking distance to a water supply facility should not exceed 500m from the farthest house in the community.

– Each spout of a standpipe or a piped scheme serves not more than 300 persons.

– Facility provides all year round safe Water to the community.

So, one would question what holds us from harvesting water when it comes in abundance.

…I believe that, we can have systems to trap water from all roofing sheets at community levels, and the local government, which is mandated to activate the standards and guidelines of CWSA, must spearhead this.

GWCL must prove to us that, areas covered by water are bigger than land.

There are systems today to treat seawater for drinking, why ration water and make students and women suffer?



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