Group kicks against Farmers’ Day celebrations

A group calling itself Akuafo Mma has called on government to scrap the annual Farmers’ Day award ceremony.

In a statement signed by the group’s Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong, and President Fiifi Ankomah, it stressed that Farmers’ Day celebration was not benefitting the poor but rather the well-to-do farmers.

The statement said: “We [Akuafo Mma] believe that Ghana’s agricultural landscape is made up of more peasant farmers who need to be motivated in order for them to produce on larger quantities, not the few who are already made off.

“Therefore if the Farmers’ Day celebrations won’t benefit the poor peasant farmers then we don’t see the reason why a day should be set aside to award the few well-to-do ones,” the statement advised.

Peasant farmers, the statement indicated, must also be motivated through a support scheme that will see them progress from their current situation of peasantry.”

The group further expressed disappointment at the failure of the state to hand over the benefits due to the 2016 Best Farmer.

The National Farmers’ Day is commemorated each year on the first Friday of December to honour our gallant farmers and fishers.

The event acknowledges the vital position farmers and fishers occupy in the nation’s socio-economic development.


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