Greenstreet, Akwetey…



The Central Regional Organizer of the Convention People’s Party has warned Bright Akwetey and the party’s General Secretary, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, to “move out” of their way to allow the party’s NEC hold an extra-ordinary meeting.

“…Akwetey and Greenstreet must join or move out of our way. If Bright Akwetey still aspires to become a flag-bearer for the CPP, then he must apologise to us now!!!”

Mr. Kwame Quayson gave the warning in a statement issued at the weekend in the Central Region.

According to him, Bright Akwetey must apologise to NEC members who signed the document if he [Bright Akwetey] “still aspires to become a flag-bearer” of the CPP.

Mr. Quayson, who is also known as Ayoma, described Mr. Akwetey as an “ordinary member” of the CPP “who lost miserably in 2007” in his bid to become the CPP flag bearer in 2007.

Bright Akwetey

He goes on to question who even made Mr. Akwetey the Legal Advisor of the party.

Mr. Quayson intimated that he is one of the “so-called faceless” people who appended their signatures and affirmed that “more than the required one-third of the eligible NEC members signed the document.”

While regretting the decision to go public on the matter, Mr. Quayson asserted that he is neither “faceless nor dubious” adding that he has been suffering for the CPP even before Mr. Akwetey joined the party.

“…He Akwetey jumped the gun and declared himself an aspirant for 2012 before his Burma Camp Church and at Central Committee, way before the September congress. What contribution has he made to the party’s organisation?

Mr. Quayson was also critical of Ivor Kobina Greenstreet.

“…Mr. Greenstreet is putting himself above NEC and I want to assure him that I am one of the so-called faceless people who signed the notice to go to NEC.”

He pointed out that NEC is above Greenstreet, “and I can assure him that more than the required one-third of the eligible NEC members have signed the document.”

He dared the party’s general-secretary to come to the meeting to scrutinise and verify the authenticity of the signatures adding that “If they are not genuine we will call it off, otherwise. NEC is coming on next week. Change “Yeresesamu” and the grassroots power has arrived in the CPP.”