Graduate drops white-colour job for shoeshine

A graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Solomon Kwashie, has left his clinical and well-paid job to become a cobbler, popularly known as shoeshine boy in Ghana.

Solomon Kwashie, after graduating from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a degree in Theoretical and Applied Biology in 2009, and managing a clinic for about 5 years decided to venture into one of the oddest businesses for a person with his qualification.

According to him, he was inspired by his desire for entrepreneurship which led him to establish the Spec Shine Cobblers, a shoeshine and leather repair business in Accra in 2016, which deals in polishing, re-colouring, and fixing shoes and other leather accessories like belts and bags.

In an interview with Today, the KNUST graduate said he wanted to debunk the perception that shoeshine boys were dirty, uneducated and poor people as he believes that anything that earns one money should not be classified as not good enough.

He continued that the idea came to him when he was in his final year, where he thought of the high rate of unemployment in the country and was doubtful of getting a job after graduation.

“I was thinking if after school I had no job, I was jobless, there was nothing to do, what will I do? And I thought about the fact that everybody dies, everybody wears clothes, everybody eats food, and the next thing everybody does is wear shoes, and, especially in this part of the world, I felt there is enormous heat, so, protecting your legs becomes an essential thing to do” he added.

He then figured it will be a stepping stone to get into the shoe business since he didn’t have passion for fashion, Agric business and the many other entrepreneurship sectors. “I then started researching into the cobbling business” he said.

He added that he got support from his parents who embraced the idea of quitting his white-collar job and starting a shoeshine business.

Currently, the Spec Shine Coblers is thriving with awesome patronage at the Achimota Mall, Airport residential area and Nyaho Hospital Street in Accra, with employee numerical strength at four people.



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