GRA boss pledges support for retired staff 

Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Mr Emmanuel Kofi Nti, has pledged continuous management support for the retired staff of the authority, and assured them that their skills and experiences would come to bear on the drive to attain full compliance in tax administration.

He said management had adopted measures whereby the experiences of retired officers, including retired staff of the former Internal Revenue Service and Value Added Tax are tapped as consultants.

Mr Nti pledged the support in an address during a sendoff party to one hundred and ninety (190) retired staff who have served in different capacities across the country.

The ceremony was to bid the retirees farewell as they have diligently served the GRA and the country.

A total of 138 senior and junior officers were presented with citations and gifts during sendoff party to show appreciation for working tirelessly in revenue mobilisation.

Mr Nti averred that “it has been a nice time with them and now time for us to show appreciation for the years of hard work and for bringing the GRA were it is now,” he recounted.

According to him, it was necessary to celebrate these officers who have become elders of the authority, making sure that things work. “I see GRA people as royals of Ghana.

And when you have royals, you must have elders who are behind the scenes controlling the affairs, making sure that things work,” he concluded.

He expressed gratitude to the gallant officers for their immense contributions to ensure the growth of the Ghana Revenue Authority and the country at large.

Mr Nti congratulated the retirees as they paved way for heroism in championing the core mandate of gathering every little coin for the benefits of mother Ghana.

He, therefore, urged them to be up and doing and never hesitate to share ideas to transform the Ghana Revenue Authority and continue adding to productivity as well as desist from too much resting.




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