Govts are enablers, not a means to an end’

International business leader and Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Ghana, Lucy Quist has challenged the youth to develop skills which will help solve societal problems rather than they relying on governments.

According to Madam Quist, governments are only enablers, who are to create the right atmosphere and pillars for businesses to thrive.

Her comments follow the notion held by many individuals that governments should provide every single solution.

Speaking at “The Bold New Normal” Tour in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, on Saturday, September 23, 2017, the Airtel Ghana Chief Executive Officer  said, “government is obviously about structure so to speak but when it comes to development, I see the role of government around creating the right pillars for development”.

“So whether it is the right policies, whether it is the enforcement of the rule of law, whether it is about engendering fair play in the society, these are the pillars but the actual actions around development, a lot of them build on these pillars that government creates; enables the environment and actually creates businesses that are good for society”.

“We need businesses that will solve problems. The solutions will have to be created by entrepreneurs; most importantly I believe by our young generation who are coming up. I have so much hope and belief in them and their ability to create a different future from what we inherited”, Lucy Quist mentioned.

The Bold New Normal Tour is  an interactive session with Lucy Quist on how young entrepreneurial minds can take bold steps away from the norm and create prosperity for themselves, their country and continent through entrepreneurship, career and technology.

“I have over the years had a wonderful privilege of working with so many people across the continent and most importantly with young people. I know that the desire to change our outcomes as a continent and as a country is there”.

“The Bold New Normal articulates that more strongly and more clearly as we need to create prosperity. What The Bold New Normal does is a platform on which we can break down, what it means to create prosperity”, she said.

The Airtel Ghana CEO further added, “we need bold new visions to transform the language we speak, our choice of words and we  must be careful about what we say”.

The Bold New Normal Tour is likely to hit Cape Coast, Takoradi or Ho cities soon.

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