‘Govt never sold ECG’ 

MANAGING Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Engineer Samuel Boakye-Appiah, has stated that it was about time for Ghanaians to stop spreading rumours that the government had off-loaded the company to foreign strategic investors and that some contractors and workers would be laid off.

He subsequently debunked rumours that the concessioner’s policy initiated by government between, a private consortium–Power Distribution Services (PDS) Ghana Limited would lead to the dismissal of all ECG staff, assuring that all ECG staff would remain at post so nobody should fear.

“Under the arrangements which have been documented, there will be no involuntary redundancy due to the concessionaire policy,” he said, adding that “some ECG workers who would be transferred to the concessionaire would enjoy the same working conditions.” Speaking in an interview with Today on the sidelines to brief journalists on the concession agreement between PDS, Mr Boakye-Appiah insisted that the ECG has not been sold and cannot be sold to foreign investors, assuring that “all the staff of the company were safe under the concession partnership agreement.”

“I wish to take this opportunity to assure our stakeholders that ECG will continue to exist as a Ghana electric utility. “ECG has not been sold contrary to what other Ghanaians believe.

With the introduction of the concessionaire to invest in, manage and operate our distribution asset, ECG will continue to exist albeit with a different focus.

“The concessionaire will only manage sale of power, billing, metre reading among others. And that the ECG would continue to serve the people effectively, as it has done for the past 50 years. Mr. Boakye-Appiah assured.

He noted that 98 per cent of the ECG’s workers would be transferred to work with the PDS to reduce technical, commercial, and collection losses and improve service quality of the company.

He added that the two per cent staff who would remain at ECG would work to monitor and supervise the day-to-day operational activities of PDS to ensure effectiveness and efficiency with regard to how the assets are utilised.

He maintained that “ECG will remain a bulk trader in the energy sector, adding that the ECG would sell power to the concessionaire, which would retail power to customers.

“So the implementation of the private partnership agreement the concessioner would take care of the operations and customer care service duties,” he explained. He stressed that putting the largest electricity distributor under private care for a 20-year partnership agreement was not a sale and that government will still own the assets of the ECG.

According to him, the company will continue to exist as a national asset to distribute quality and affordable power to the customer population of about 3.5 billion in the six regions of the country.



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