Gov’t must deal quickly with the NAGRAT strike!

THE teaching profession in this country has become so synonymous with strikes that it is no longer news when teachers in this country embark on industrial actions.

AND most often than not the consideration for such strikes have been either salary arrears or increment.

THE latest in the public space is the news to the effect the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has declared an indefinite strike, following what they contend as government’s failure to pay their members outstanding arrears.

NAGRAT contends that government currently is indebted to its members to the tune of GHC50 million in salary arrears, which money encompasses transfer grants, transport and trainee allowances and vehicle maintenance allowances, which it had failed to settle since 2013.

ACCORDING to the President of NAGRAT, Eric Agbe-Carbonu, who addressed a new conference in Accra last Wednesday to announce their strike, government left them with no option, forcing them ‘advise themselves.’

IT is unfortunate that NAGRAT has asked its members to lay down their tools. Ultimately, in such situations those who bear the brunt most are the students.

FROM what NAGRAT is saying it is very clear that they have waited for far too long in anticipation that at least government will meet them halfway, especially when the arrears date back to 2013.

INTERESTINGLY, these are the same people we charge to give our children and the future leaders of this country the best of education.

IN the view of Weekend Today government must quickly engage the leadership of NAGRAT to ensure that the matter is resolved as early as practicable so it does not affect the academic calendar.

WHAT government can also do is at least to meet NAGRAT halfway with regard to the arrears owed them.

IN that manner we will be able to persuade members of the association to go back to the classrooms and teach our children.

HOWEVER, Weekend Today commends government for releasing GHC40,368,203.71 to settle the salary arrears of some 2,566 staff of Ghana Education Service (GES).

THE early the ministry of education takes steps to address the matter the better it will be for all of us.

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