Govt begins construction …on Medina Adenta-highway footbridges


Construction has begun on footbridges along the Madina-Adentan highway after the death of an 18-year-old student on the stretch sparked spontaneous protests.

Construction workers were yesterday on the REDCO site erecting hoardings for work on the footbridge to begin.

Also, new traffic lights yet to be powered were erected at the Adentan SDA junction, where pupils of the Tot to Teen School dangerously cross each morning.

On November 5, the Director of Bridges at the Ghana Highways Authority revealed that the footbridges on parts of the N4 Highway will be fixed by end of 2019 after residents signalled protests.

Residents of Madina and Adentan staged a protest last Thursday after the 18-year-old West African Senior High School (WASS) student was hit and killed by a taxi.

Angry demonstrators set tyres ablaze causing billows of smoke to clutch the atmosphere, which made the road with a 100km/hr speed limit nearly impassable.

“No more deaths!” The residents chanted following the accident that occurred at around 4 pm.

Pix: Kwasi Amoako-Atta, Minister of Roads and Highways

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