Government must be cautious in dealing with GFA!

IT is obvious that Ghana Football Association (GFA) and football matters following the uncovering of alleged rot in the country’s football administration by investigative journalist and his Tiger Eye PI would engage our attention for long.

WE believe this certainly, will be the case, especially when Ghanaians want to see how the issue would be addressed to bring sanity into our football, a game loads of Ghanaians enjoying watching.

EVER since the video was shown to the public, opinions have been divided regarding  what should be done to cure the problems that have emerged.  While some are strongly advocating for the total dissolution of the GFA, others have advised the Akufo-Addo administration to hasten slowly in dealing with the matter.

INDEED, the point here is that the issue at stake is very delicate, one that if not properly managed can have grave consequences on our football.  Amongst these consequences include Ghana risking a FIFA ban.

TODAY must state that a FIFA ban on Ghana would not only affect our national teams, but also the clubs as well.  In fact a ban from FIFA will affect anything football in Ghana.

THAT is the more reason why this paper believes the government must opt for a solution that will be long-term, sanitise our GFA and which would not jeopardise our football.  Anything short of that would put us in a situation, which many of those calling for GFA’s dissolution, would come back and chide government.

TODAY believes it is the wish of Ghanaians that our national teams continually represent that nation in continental tournaments.  The entire country rallied behind the senior national team-the Black Stars- when Ghana made her first World Cup appearance in 2006.

THAT tells you our passion for football in this country.  Seriously, the Anas’ video must teach us serious lessons in the administration of football in this country.  We, therefore, expect that government would not resort to any knee-jerk reaction to the ongoing crisis at the GFA, but would find the best possible solution towards addressing the issue that have plagued our GFA.


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