Government must address needs of the citizenry!

ON the front page of our paper today we have published a story in which the youth of Manhean and its environs are warning that they will make the place ungovernable for the MCE and the central government.

AND as part of their activities they have lined up a series of protest this week, ostensibly to force the MCE in the area, and for that matter the central government to fix what they have described as killer road—Ablekuma Curve-Afoaman


ACCORDING to the youth, the road in question was causing loads of miscarriages for pregnant women who have to bear the brunt of many manholes on it.


FOR us at Today we are surprised that the youth are threatening to make Manhean and its environs ungovernable.


THOUGH it is wrong for the youth to issue such threats we think that it is about time the MCE for the area made this road a priority, particularly when an appreciable number of Ghanaians are resident in the area and its adjoining communities.


BUT, in our part of the world, governments only tend to react when the citizenry picket on the streets.  That is when we see them running to fix whatever problem is affecting the citizenry.


THEREFORE, it is not surprising that the youth in Manhean and its environs are planning to embark on wave of protest to compel the Akufo-Addo administration to attend to something that is of priority to them.


HOWEVER, we are getting worried over government’s sometimes-lukewarm attitude towards addressing legit needs of citizens.  It is understood that this is a road that has completely been ignored by successive government each with its own promise.


THE question engraved on the lips of many well-meaning Ghanaians is: for how long would citizens of this country who contribute their quota in the form of paying taxes endure cry some of these basic needs?


IT is our expectation that the MCE for Ga West Municipal Assembly will seize this opportunity and act even before the youth embark on their planned series of protests.




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