This is good news for our Police Service

THE Akufo-Addo administration deserves some commendation for its efforts to retool our Police Service, and make the force robust and vibrant to deal with all manner of crimes domestically. The Police Service is enjoined by the 1992 Constitution to ensure that we are safe from criminals. In fact, they are duty-bound to make sure that they protect our lives and properties.

HOWEVER, the Police Service would not be able to play this crucial role efficiently if they are under-resourced and have become targets of criminals.  It was quite worrying when criminals were taking the lives of police officers in the line of their duties.

THAT was not all; it became serious when criminals started targeting police stations. The recent one was the incident that happened at the Kwabenya District Police Station where about six hardened criminals stormed the station, shot an officer on duty and broke five criminals who were in police cells. That, in fact, sent shivers down the spine of many peaceful and law-abiding Ghanaians.

FOLLOWING the Kwabenya District Police Station incident, the government was urged to ensure that the Police Service is adequately resourced to proactively counter some of these preventable crimes.  Well, it is refreshing to hear the President announce that 8,700 close circuit television cameras (CCTVs) are to be deployed at police stations in all the 216 districts across the country.

THE President went on to say that additional police stations would be rehabilitated to standardise infrastructure of the Police Service.

WE understand President Akufo-Addo made this disclosure at a speech read on his behalf by Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia during the 47th Cadet Officers graduation ceremony at which 132 cadet officers including 44 women in Accra last week Friday.

PLANTING CCTVs at our police stations is a good precautionary measure, especially when our police stations and its personnel are gradually becoming easy targets for criminals who appear to be taking the fight to our police officers.  When done, we believe it will help apprehend criminals who decide to attack police stations with the intention of freeing their colleague criminals.

WHILE this initiative is good, Today would want to urge government to extend it to some of our major roads since crimes are also committed on some of these roads. We are making this suggestion because we believe it will go a long way to help reduce crimes in the country.

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