Good call from the GES

THE news that over sixty-seven thousand plus (67,000+) students who qualified to be enrolled at senior high schools (SHSs) could not be placed under the 2018 Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) is worrying.


WHAT is more, the development has left both students and parents very worried, with many besieging Ghana Education Service (GES) solution centres across the country.


IT becomes even more disturbing when senior high schools are about to reopen (September 11, 2018), and many of those who successfully got placed under the system are preparing in earnest to to go to school.


IT must be stated that the CSSPS has had its own challenges year in, year out in spite of our efforts to make the system run efficiently.


WE should also be mindful that this is the same academic year that the central government’s double track educational system in various SHSs will kick-start which date is September 11, 2018, same day for the reopening of SHSs.


THOUGH the affected students have been offered some respite, Weekend Today believes that government should heed the call of the Ghana National Association of Teacher (GNAT).


ACCORDING to the GNAT, the central government should consider postponing the reopening date for SHSs.


THE suggestion by GNAT is grounded in the point that it will afford the affected students and parents some space to prepare adequately.


GNAT also goes on to state that the duration of the release of the results and school reopening day is short.


IN the view of Weekend Today this is a good suggestion, especially when the free SHS policy is aimed at ensuring that all qualified students gain admission to SHSs.


AT least a one-week extension would help address these challenges faced by qualified students and parents.


IT is, therefore, our expectation that government will heed this call to ensure that no qualified student is left behind!



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