Gonja chiefs back Savanna Region creation

Gonja chiefs have backed proposals to carve out a new region from the Northern Region.

In a statement issued at the weekend, the Gonja traditional council said, their support for the creation of the proposed Savanna region was based on an understanding that it did not interfere with the Gonja kingdom’s territory.

A commission of enquiry set up by the government last year toured several regions hearing proposals for demarcations.

The Justice Stephen Alan Brobbey-led commission spent two weeks in the Northern Region in March 2018 where members of the public gave reasons for their demand for the creation of the proposed Savanna as well as the North East Regions.

A referendum is expected by 2020 where residents in the proposed region will have the chance to vote for or against the proposal.

The Gonja chiefs want their people to vote ‘yes’





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