Gomoa-Elobi residents cry for help 

Residents of Gomoa Ojobi in the Central Region, are crying for help as the community lacks basic social infrastructures.

Fuming with anger, the visibly worried residents expressed gross disappointment in Chief of Gomoah Ejobi, Nana Atta Kakra and, his kinsmen for not making any effort to lobby for developmental   projects for the town since he was enstooled.


In an interview with some team of   journalists   who visited Gomoah Ejobi Community on Sunday, February 3, 2018 to assess the level of development, some  residents said,  “there is  nothing in the town that they can be proud of as far as development is concerned”.

According to them, the Chief and his elders started a community Centre project which has since remained static at the foundation level.


“We want to state that even though the town’s folks contributed generously towards the project during the previous Akwambo Festivals, but it looks as if the project is now a white elephant,” they stressed.


The residents also revealed that, the chief and the  elders started a KVIP toilet project at his palace “they have not been able to complete the project”.


They went on to explain that, they were  aware that their  chiefs and elders were lobbying for senior secondary schools to be built for their towns.

But unfortunately, according to them, Nana Atta Kakra was  not doing same to get them a Senior Secondary School.

The residents averred that they were promised by the state through their chief that a secondary school will be built for the town, but that has since been a fiasco.


The people complained bitterly that, their chief was  not doing much to support them to get jobs to do so that they can also help in the development of the area.



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