Godwin Ako Gunn Write: THE JOURNEY IS STILL ON.

Let me first congratulate the galant Ghanians who came out boldly to vote for change. I want to assure you that your vote will count because we will right the wrongs.


The NDC has never been a bad loser. We lost twice to Kuffour and once to Nana and we signed the final results unlike them. Infact this is the first time we have refused to sign a final result and I will assure you we will fight for our victory.


What was her thinking to have gone to the homes of other aspirants for them to sign the final results when they were not present during collation and infact, didn’t have agents even at the polling stations. What rubbish !!!


Since Nana Addo became leader in this country and appointed her, there has never been any elections without bloodshed.


The use of military power, some trigger happy and uninformed uniformed men in our elections has soiled our hard earned reputation in African democracy. Those who don’t feel sad about this, I live them to their conscience.


Today is a new day, my condolences to all those who lost their lives simply for defending our democracy. Your efforts will be crowned in victory. Even simple calculations she couldn’t get it right.


I salute you all galant soldiers of our young democracy. The better days can never be taken from us.


JM our leader !!!


Kun Fa Yakun

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