GNASSM dares govt

Ghana National Association of Small-Scale Miners (GNASSM) is demanding the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led administration to prove it was not against their activities as claimed by some critics. 

In a statement released yesterday by the association and copied to Today, GNASSM argued that since the government has achieved its target in fighting illegal mining, it was about time it lifted the ban imposed on their activities as well restored their revoked licences.


“Describing the 75% success rate as indicated in a recent publication by the government’s anti-illegal mining task force “Operation Vanguard,” as welcoming and timely, the group said lifting the ban to allow licensed small-scale miners back to work will close the chapter on critics propagating rumours that NPP government was against small-scale mining,” the statement said.

According to GNASSM, Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Mr John Peter Amewu, at a meeting with its leadership in September 2017 promised: “we’ve only been able to achieve 15% of the set target and the ban can only be lifted if we are able to achieve 55-65% of the set target.”


Just last week, Operation Vanguard (OV) disclosed that its operation has been successful by arresting 1,129 illegal miners and destroyed 7,000 mining equipment and went further scoring itself at 75% successful.


In the wake of the above, GNASSM called for the need to lift the ban on their activities.


“Members of GNASSM have paid dearly due to the effects of the over one year ban and as such, the time is due. The promise needs no extension,” the statement demanded.

GNASSM also indicated that it was willing to roll out modalities aimed at strengthening surveillance and supervision to totally achieve the government’s target.


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