GN Mobile Money Responds To Interoperability as its *712# is available on all networks

GN Bank, with support from its technology partners, has begun the implementation of interoperable mobile phone financial services across the country.

This mobile money service, which begun a couple of months ago, enables all customers of GN Bank to transfer funds across all networks in real time at low cost, buy airtime for all networks in a secure environment.

The bank made the disclosure in a statement issued at the weekend.

According to the bank, GN Mobile Money in addition also gives access to every mobile phone user on any network to register by dialling the short-code—*712#.

This unique feature, the statement said, welcomes everyone unto the GN Mobile Money platform.

“The customers have the opportunity to transfer money from one GN wallet to another wallet without the need for a cash-out and the associated charges or fees,” it said

GN Mobile Money platform, the statement further explained, allows customers to link their bank accounts for real time transactions including account-to-wallet, wallet-to-account, and account-to-account transfers, checking account balances and viewing account statement. Customers can also load their GN wallets from their mobile money wallets with other networks.

“GN Mobile Money, in partnership with network operators, ensures that the interfaces are as secured as possible. GN Mobile Money ensures total convenience and efficiency to all users by providing real time transactions without undue delays at very minimal cost,” it noted.

The introduction of the interoperability function with GN Mobile Money by GN Bank, it said, was a significant milestone for the bank, as it plays an important role in enhancing the usage of mobile money services to deepen financial inclusion in Ghana.


Story: Business DESK

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