Glaucoma Accounts For 20% Of Blind Cases In Ghana —Healthline Doctor


An Ophthalmologist at the St Thomas Eye Clinic and Nyaho Hospital, Dr Michael Gyasi, has revealed that glaucoma accounts for 20% of blind cases in the country.


Speaking about the Eye on the last episode of Healthline Season 8, Dr Gyasi said the condition was preventable. He added that frequent eye checks could help avoid the condition, which was also the second leading cause of blindness worldwide.


Explaining what causes Glaucoma, Dr Gyasi said: “Glaucoma happens when there was pressure on the nerve that connects to the brain. If the level of pressure builds up it can damage the optic nerve, which sends images to the brain, causing blindness. The pressure in the eye is due to build-up of fluid that flows through the eye and drains. When the fluid is overproduced or the drainage system is damaged, the fluid is not able to flow out at its normal rate and eye pressure increases. Early detection of the condition is critical to preventing it. We prevent it by reducing the amount of fluid or increasing the way it drains from the eye.”


Vodafone Ghana, through its Healthline programme, has supported and transformed lives of hundreds of Ghanaians who have undergone various surgeries for life-threatening conditions including hydrocephalus, cataract, hernia, fibroids and heart-related problems. It has also educated and demystified various myths on health related conditions.


In 2011, Vodafone Ghana in collaboration with Sightsavers and the Ghana Health Service restored the sight of 2,500 visually impaired people suffering from cataract and trachoma across Ghana, as part of its support for World Sight Day.



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