GIA schools claims managers


Ghana Insurers Association (GIA) on Friday, March 15, 2019 held a workshop at the Ghana Reinsurance Training Room in Accra, to sensitise its members on the activities of the Claims Management and Advise Bureau (CMAB).

The purpose of the workshop was to create the needed awareness among Claims Managers in the Ghanaian insurance industry, as they play a critical role to the success of the bureau.

The workshop was attended by over seventy (70) participants drawn from fifty-seven (57) member companies of the association.

Addressing participants, Complaints/Claims Manager of CMAB, Mr. Nda Ahale Polley,  said the unit has received over ninety (90) complaints out of which eighty-six (86) have been amicably resolved, since the official launch of the bureau on June 1, 2018.

He further outlined some general observations he has made over the period as follows: termination or cancellation of life insurance policies turned out to be the most common type of complaint; a strong negative perception of insurance in the public domain; failure of insurance agents to take their time to educate prospective clients on the policies they sell due to inadequate knowledge of the policies, and reluctance of member companies to report competitors on malpractices to the bureau.

Mr. Polley called on insurers to provide agents with requisite training before dispatching them to rural communities. He further appealed to agents who use bank details of existing clients to sign them on new policies without their consent to desist from such practices, as it was a criminal offense under the laws of Ghana.

In a brief remark, a former Managing Director of Ghana Reinsurance Company Limited and a Consultant to CMAB, Mr. Gustav Siale, called on insurers to encourage complainants to send their complaints to CMAB after exhausting their internal complaint management channels without success.

“Complainants and Claimants approach insurance companies antagonistically and, therefore, it is in your own interest to refer unresolved complaints to CMAB for resolution. At CMAB, complainants are assured of unbiased judgement, professional advisory services and insurance companies are saved from unfair judgement and punitive actions from the commission” – he added.

The CMAB is a department set-up by the GIA Secretariat to handle complaints from policyholders and the general public in line with GIA’s three-tier complaints management and self-regulatory regimes. Its objectives are to promote self-regulations, improve insurance services, build consumer confidence as well as increase insurance penetration.





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