GhlS courts support for NHIS levy increment

Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhlS) has called on organised labour to support the proposal by the management of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for all formal sector workers to contribute additional 1% out of their salaries to support the scheme from collapse.

According to the group, the current number of Ghanaians subscribing to the scheme is over 11mllion instead of the 5million envisaged when the scheme started.

Addressing the media at the launch of the 13th Surveyor’s Week and 49th Annual General Meeting (AGM) the President of GhlS, Mr Edwin Addo Tawiah explained that as a result of the huge numbers, the 2.5% VAT levied on the taxpayer has become inadequate for the purpose.


“Moreover, not all essential services and drugs are on the scheme” he  out.

Mr Tawiah said,  the scheme has been operating for a number of years now and “we have all enjoyed its benefit over the years. However, the system has been operating in recent years with much difficult because of  the lack of funds”.


According to him,  the NHIS is currently proposing an increase in the amount of 2.5% VAT received from the 17.5% collected to 3.5%. This means a variation in the sharing of the VAT not an overall increase of the 17.5%.

The present state of our contribution for the 11 million people who have registered on the scheme is U830. if the proposal by CEO of the NHIS is accepted, then the cost per person would be US$100 which meets the requirements of the United Nations standard for good health delivery for developing countries.


The theme for the celebration is: “Industrialization & Wealth Creation: The Role of the Surveyors”

The institute also touched on couple of issues they believed were  affecting the development of the nation which need to be addressed.


Some of the issues were; galamsey & mining concessions, blatant violation of road traffic regulations, multiple sale of lands and the use of “land guards”, and the continuing conflict between Fulani Herdsmen and owners of lands among others.

The institute, however, called  on the government, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and stakeholders to come out with pragmatic measures to tackle the challenges head-on.


“The institution would like to caution investors and developers to seek professional advice in their search for land and property. The cardinal principle in the purchase of landed property is “caveat emptor” where the purchaser of land or property is to undertake due diligence before parting with money. The professional surveyor has been duly equipped by training and experience to assist investors in this endeavour.


“We are also aware that there are quacks in the industry that seek to render services to the unsuspecting customer. Inasmuch as we would not be able to force anyone to use the services of a professional for any work or project, we can tell you that the cost of the alternative has always been high and painful”, Mr Tawiah indicated


Some of activities earmarked for the celebrations are; blood donation, orientation and induction, public forum, and presidential ball gala.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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