Are Ghanaians growing impatient?

THOUGH it is our constitutional obligation to vote every four years to choose those we wish to govern this country, it must also be pointed out that those of us who stand in long queues to cast our votes have expectations we expect the next government would fulfill.

THESE expectations include the building of good roads, quality schools, health facilities, providing potable water, electricity among other infrastructure facilities in our cities, towns, and communities.


BUT oftentimes, after choosing people to steer affairs of this country—via the ballot box for a four-year period—our leaders tend to forget that they have an obligation to improve our lot.


THEY come to power and instead of serving us rather lord themselves over us, forgetting that we are the same people they will come begging for our votes after four years.


IN fact, they do not  even see the need to fulfill the many campaign promises they trumpet while on the campaign trail.  And this is what has accounted for the lack of development in many of our communities and towns.


IT is no surprise that many of our youth in deprived communities are growing impatient of our governments’ vain promises and resorting to violent protests.


IN some of these demonstrations we see angry youth burning lorry tryes on roads to drum home the message for the central government to come and fix their roads.


EVEN though we at Today do not support violent demonstration and the resort to lawlessness to drive home our demand for the government to meet our needs, it is imperative that the government of the day does not take the patience for granted.


FOR instance, why would it take the powers-that-be a violent protest by the citizenry for them to address a legitimate concern of residents?  That is very sickening!


WE hope those in the helm of affairs would take a cue from the recent demonstrations and do the needful to improve the wellbeing of Ghanaians

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