‘Ghana will import water if …’

High Priest of the Asante Kingdom, Baffuor Asabre Kogyawoasu Ababio, has warned that if Ghanaians continue to show disrespect to water bodies in the country, there will come a time when the country would be importing water even to drink.

He said the disparaging treatment meted out to water bodies over the years has led to the extinction of many water bodies across the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Weekend Today, the high priest of the Asantehene known in local parlance as ‘Sumankwaahene’ lamented how many water bodies have been totally polluted.


Focusing on Kumasi alone, he stated that in the 70s and 80s,one could count not less than 30 water bodies in the Ashanti regional capital alone but less than 10 can be seen today.

“I even used to swim in river Adisa, which was just behind my palace, but today, even River Subin has been turned into a gutter and all sorts of abominable things are thrown into it,” he pointed out.


Even though so much has been said of the physical effects of water pollution in a country, the Sumankwaahene noted that the consequences were more dangerous than what was known.

“Many people are not sick, yet they are not feeling well, and many people are dying prematurely without their causes known. These are some of the consequences of our disrespect to water bodies because the gods will surely fight back,” he told Weekend Today.


Baffour Kogyawoasu Ababio attributed the rampant pollution of water bodies to the disrespect shown by chiefs who are the custodians of the nation’s culture and traditions.

He added that some chiefs in the past sold lands around water bodies for pittance.


Story: From James Appiakorang Jnr; Kumasi Ashanti Region

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