Ghana Premier League… ‘We Want Equal Treatment *For all partcipating clubs’

The management of Elmina- based football club, The Fearsome Elmina Sharks FC is unhappy about what the club terms as selective justice within the umbrella football organizing body—the Ghana Football Association(GFA).

The club is thus calling for equal and fair treatment for all the 18 participating teams in the Ghana premiership. One of the clubs, Elmina Sharks, has been complaining about how officiating and administrative decisions are adversely affecting the Ghanaian league clubs and the morale of the players.

In most of the instances, the most hard hit clubs are the so-called “smaller clubs”, a presumptive description that offers grounds for such marked clubs to suffer unjustifiably, at the expense of some “traditional“ clubs; and others, whose owners are all ”powerful football people” within the corridors of the Football Association.

Kelvin Aboagye is a member of the management of Elmina Sharks and his worry sums up, not only what Sharks is going through, but perhaps others operating within the “smaller clubs” bracket. He therefore called for equal treatment of all 18 participating teams in the ongoing Ghana Premier League(GPL).

He did not understand why Sharks’ appeal against a decision by the GFA Disciplinary Committee dated April 27, 2021 over an alleged misconduct of four (4) of their players in their match against Medeama Sporting Club at the Nduom Sports Complex in Elmina, was still pending.

Kelvin alluded to a similar instance, where Cape Coast Dwarfs on May 19, 2021 appealed against a decision by the GFA Disciplinary Committee, and as quickly as June 11, 2021, the Cape Coast based team, had received a reply from the Appeals Committee of the GFA. 

“Why has our appeal kept so long, and nobody is minding us?  This is what we call an unfair and unequal treatment”, he averred, adding that “all attempts to get the Appeals Committee of the GFA to expedite action on our case have proved futile”.

In a letter dated April 26, 2021 and sighted by The Today newspaper, the GFA Disciplinary Committee said, it took the decision to  ban four players of  Sharks  over  their  alleged misconduct in their match against Medeama SC  on February 21, 2021.

The four players—Justice Ato Mensah, Emmanuel Gustav Addington, Samuel Arthur and Alhaji Mustapha, were each fined Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC5000), and in addition, every one of the four players was suspended for fifteen (15) matches. The club, according to our investigations was also fined Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC10,000).

The said letter which was signed by Carlo Olympio, Esq, Vice Chairman, Disciplinary Committee of the GFA, and addressed to one of the suspended players read, “That should Samuel Arthur (player) be dissatisfied with this Ruling, the player has one (1) day after being notified of this Ruling to appeal to the Appeals Committee”

Following the ruling, Mr. Aboagye Yeboah said, management of Sharks wrote a letter to the General Secretary of the FA concerning the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee against “our team and players”. 

That notwithstanding, he said, his team filed an appeal for the four players, which appeal, according to Kelvin, they (Appeals Committee) indicated that Gustav Addington and Alhaji Mustapha, were not guilty of any of the offences per the video evidence and jersey numbers they referred to. 

“We paid GHC12,000 for the appeal, GHC3,000 for each player and GHC500 for each of the four players also for stay of execution to allow us to use our players in the subsequent matches but that was dismissed”, he disclosed. 

Meanwhile, our further investigations show that the content of the video evidence which the GFA Disciplinary Committee based its decision on to suspend the said players was not close to what the Disciplinary Committee would want the world to believe.

The four players, according to the Sharks’ manager, have since the suspension missed nine (9) matches including Ashgold, Inter Allies, Karela, Hearts of Oak, King Faisal, Bechem FC, Cape Coast Metro (FA Cup), Dreams FC and Wonders.

He said, the response from the Appeals Committee of the FA was necessary having appealed to them to know whether the ban would be reduced, stressing that the ban of their players was unprecedented, and wondered how that could be possible with video evidence suggesting facts to the contrary.

Although he did not want to believe these were orchestrated machinations to sacrifice or earmark his team out for relegation, he nonetheless was not happy with the delay of the case.  Meanwhile, it remains a fact that cases involving, Kotoko, Hearts, Olympics and others have been decided without much delays.

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