Ghana Post still relevant—Says MD

Managing Director (MD) of the Ghana Post Company Limited, James Coffie, has rejected calls for the company to be shut down for being unprofitable.

He said his outfit was undertaking a massive exercise to revamp the national courier services “to match the banks boot to boot starting from 2018.”

The Member of Parliament Fanteakwa South, Kofi Okyere Agyekum, had called for the shutdown of the company, arguing that it had lost its relevance and was failing economically.

But Mr. Coffie was hopeful of a turnaround in the fortunes of the company soon as he admitted that “we didn’t do a good job of managing the clients and coming up with technologies so we are in the process of trying to resolve some of those things. We should start seeing growth next year in all the revenue areas that were in decline.”

He said growth at Ghana Post could be expected in 2018 “in all the revenue areas that were in decline.”

“What we have attempted to do is to fix the fundamentals so we have done a deep self-assessment on what is wrong with us… with customers service, we are putting in place a call centre and we are training the right people to manage it.”

Ghana Post has been criticized for its poor service and in May 2017, it was compelled to publicly apologize to customers for rendering poor services after complaints against it featured in the news cycle.

“In terms of service delivery, we all know is not the best, we are revamping our fleet. We are using technology to track all our deliveries and we are also trying to deliver according to timelines,” Mr. Coffie stated.

The company has already outlined plans to overhaul its systems and operations to improve service delivery throughout the country and also create a single customer service department for all product lines and undertake customer service training.


Source: Citifmonline

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