Ghana Institute of Journalism launches E-learning and Advertising club

As part of the efforts to ensure students catch up with electronic learning and advertisement in the country, the Ghana Institute of Journalism has officially launched an Estylo club on campus.

The Estylo club will help students study about how to advertise electronically
using e-Learning since it’s becoming the fastest pedagogy of the future.

At the launch of the Estylo club and Elernity seminar at the Ghana Institute of Journalism under the theme “Closing the digital divide through e-Learning” Senior lecture of the Institute and founder of the e-Learning and Advertising Club, Yaw Odame Gyau noted that “e-Learning will serve as a tool for mainstream education if it’s well-integrated in tertiary communication universities”.

Some resource personnel including Doctor Hilla Addo, the Pro Vice for Lucas College; Sylvester Hatsu, Senior Lecturer and Head of the ICT Department of the Accra Technical University and Nana Oppong Mensah, a representative from Google Ghana and co-founder of Wineloya Digital Advertising were present to educate the student on the importance of e-Learning.

The Estylo club will hold a periodic seminar on advertising and communication courses and also teach students about how Apps can be used to solve advertising problems the smart way.


Source: Ghana Web

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