Does Ghana government value the lives of its citizens?

Dear readers, how time flies. All too soon the third quarter of the year 2017 has ended. Even though there lots of sad events and neglect of the ordinary Ghanaian by the state, we cannot hold back our gratitude to God than to say thank God.

I write this piece with a heavy heart due to horrendous experience I encountered last week. It all started about a fortnight ago when I had a tipoff that there are over five hundred Ghanaians languishing in Libyan jails awaiting execution.


The crime of these Ghanaians is that they entered the North African country through unapproved means. It is believed that some of them have been in jail for over two years without trial. I was told for example that; in Kufra Maximum Prison alone about 100 Ghanaians are kept under various inhuman conditions.


The irony of the situation is that governments of these detained people including Ghana, has also not shown interest in going to the rescue of their nationals.

A brother of Bashiru, Shafaru Ibrahim, told me in an interview that  efforts by the family to plead with the Libyan authorities through the government of Ghana has proved futile.

My pain, anger and sadness are  as a results of the fact that as a country we have failed over the years to put measures in place to address some of these unfortunate eventualities.

Ghana is signatory to lots of international Treaties and Conventions which seekt to protect the fundamental human rights of its citizens and that of others, yet our brothers and sisters who are unfortunate to find themselves on the other side of the law in other countries are left to ‘rot’ in the cooler.

If Ghana government thinks there are some difficulties in reaching out to the Libyan authorities why can’t she use African Union structures to secure the lives of these Ghanaians.


It is undeniable fact that every country reserves the right to enforce its laws and Libya cannot be an exception, if she is applying her laws in a fair, just and humane manner.

In the same vein, every country reserves the right to seek the welfare and protection of their citizens even if those citizens have been accused of infractions just as countries like Britain, United States of America (USA) have been  always doing.


I recall that about two months ago the United States Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Robert Jackson told journalists in Brong Ahafo that the USA was in the process of deporting an eye-popping and staggering seven 7,000 Ghanaians whom he said had abused the terms of their visas.


If US authorities proceed as planned, this would be the largest deportation of Ghanaians since the 1983 retaliatory deportation of some one million Ghanaians from Nigeria which was triggered by fall outs from the implementation of President Busia’s Aliens Compliance Order.


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