GFF storms Prestea Enyinam*With environmental sustainability advocacy campaign 

Green Fortland Foundation (GFF), a newly formed non-governmental organisation (NGO), has embarked on massive environmental sustainability advocacy campaign in Prestea Enyinam, a gold mining community in the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality of the Western Region. 

The campaign—dubbed “For the sake of your health, be mindful of the environment’—speaks strongly against the devastating effects mining has caused to forest reserves, environment and water bodies in the two Western and Eastern Regions which need the collective efforts of all and sundry to save the forest reserves from depleting and water bodies from destruction.

Speaking to the media, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NGO, Ebenezer Yiwo, touched on global warming, climate change and the recent rate of health complication as a result of the poor state of the environment.  He emphasised and explained flora and human interdependency.

He said, “floral pattern is very essential to the survival of homo sapien and must be inculcated in community designs.” He added that, gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorofloro carbons and the likes are hazardous to our health but unfortunately keep increasing in the system by human activities leading to greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change.

He advised that as a developing nation, the cheaper way to remedy the situation was to plant more trees since they absorb for both transpiration and photosynthesis. “Hence, it is very crucial to preserve plants, and re-cultivate the ones that have been destroyed by human activities,” he advised.

Mr. Yiwo also took his time to explain the Calvin-Benson Cycle and the Krebb’s cycle and its significance on human and animal survival.  He noted that, “it will be necessary to plant a tree or shrub on your compound because it had lots of significance.” The Assembly member for Prestea Enyinam Electoral Area, Mr Ayepah, bemoaned the “excessive galamsey activities ongoing at Prestea Enyinam Forest.

To this end, he appealed to Green Fortland Foundation to take the issue up since all steps he had taken had not yielded any positive results.” The Chairman for the occasion, Mr Ebenezer Oko Barimah, stated, “in the past, you wouldn’t see people weeding around water bodies, but today, our chiefs have sold all the lands close to water bodies, and this is having a great devastating impact on our waters.” He added that, “noise pollution is a major problem in Prestea Huni-Valley, and warned that this must stop.”

He advised participants of the programme to preach tree planting and good sanitation to keep Prestea Enyinam in particular and Prestea Huni-Valley in general clean.

The Enyinam traditional council was fully represented and indicated their displeasure on wanton dissipation of our environment.  They made reference to how beautiful Prestea used to be in the 1970s to early ‘90s.

The foundation promised donating two waste bins each to the two schools at Enyinam MA Basic  and Babcok Preparatory school) which were present at the forum.





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