GES halts SIC Life Insurance Scheme *For teachers


Director-General (DG) of Ghana Education Service (GES), Prof Kwesi Opoku Amankwah, has calmed nerves of aggrieved teachers by putting an SIC Life Insurance scheme intended for teachers on hold temporarily.


The GES DG hinted at a press briefing where he disclosed that the said insurance scheme was only meant to cushion interested teachers with an extra saving of GHC10 per month.


However, he indicated that the scheme had no automatic binding on all the teaching fraternity except one who was willing to sing onto the scheme


Professor Amankwah said that his outfit had ordered the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) to- as a matter of urgency- discontinue the process and delete all members on the scheme.


He further noted that a total of 35,036 staff who opted out of the scheme have had their names deleted.


But, he disclosed that a total of 45 staff have not been deleted, following the inaccuracy of details made available to the managers.


He noted that a total of 34,252 staff whose premiums were deducted have been refunded to them with only 829 staff who are yet to receive their premiums due to inaccuracies in data submitted.


State Insurance Company (SIC) Life, according to him, will publish the names of the 829 staff to correct their anomalies.


He announced that management had decided to defer deduction from August this year but would commence in September this year.


He, however, added that their doors were still opened to any aggrieved staff to pick an exit form.


He also revealed that there has been a shift from the usual objective test based questioning to a standard based in order to strengthen the acquisition of what he termed as the 4Rs; that is Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Creativity for foundational skills lifelong learning and national development.

On curriculum reforms, he indicated that Ghana Education Service and the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA) have developed training materials called Training Guide and Teacher Resource Pack (TGTRP) with special focus on training for teachers to be abreast of current trends.


He further noted that that training include support from partners involving Cambridge International (CI) to focus on core competences (Essentially Skills) and assessment for learning.




Story & Picture: Prosper SALASSY

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