George Afriyie betrayed Kwesi Nyantakyi over presidential declaration

A leading member of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Committee, Kojo Yankah, says George Afriyie’s decision to declare his intention to contest the presidency is a betrayal to Kwesi Nyantakyi, the man who handpicked him as the Ghana FA Vice President.

According to him, Afriyie’s decision to declare his intention without consulting the man who gave him the second highest position in football in Ghana was a sign of ‘unfaithfulness.’

Afriyie was chosen by Nyantakyi to be the Ghana FA Vice-President despite interest from several members of the executive committee and doubts from several interests in the football fraternity.

He was also recently submitted to CAF to serve on the powerful Africa Cup of Nations committee.

Afriyie officially announced his intention to contest the 2019 GFA presidential election during his birthday party last month, but Yankah says Afriyie should have shown deference to his boss.

“For declaring his intention to contest George, he has betrayed his boss without consulting him,” Yankah told Asempa FM yesterday.

The Liberty Professionals executive made his intention known to journalists at his 50th birthday celebration.

Afriyie, who has been Vice to Nyantakyi since 2015, becomes the second person to announce his intention after GHALCA Chairman, Kudjoe Fianoo, declared his intention earlier in the year.

GFA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi, has said in an interview that he does not intend to seek re-election in 2019 after serving three previous terms beginning in 2005.

Afriyie recently revealed that Nyantakyi defied several warnings from his close friends to appoint him as the Vice-President of the federation.

The Liberty Professionals’ chief revelation showed Nyantakyi in a different light contrary to his critics claims that he ditches the people who are loyal to him.

Afriyie says the GFA leader was warned that he would mastermind his death within two years if he were appointed to be the second most powerful person in Ghana football.

The Liberty Professionals says despite these shocking warnings, the CAF Vice President went ahead to appoint him against the wishes of those who are close to the leader.

“Someone sent a text to Nyantakyi which said, ‘If you appoint George Afriyie as your vice, you will die within two years,’” Afriyie said in an interview on GTV on Wednesday.

“The president showed the message to a few people but he never showed it to me. But the good people he showed to tell him I could never hurt a fly.

“Since that incident, every time I go on my knees to pray, I ask God to protect Nyantakyi,” George said, voice breaking, and tears streaming down his face.

There have been recent rifts among the two leaders of Ghana football with Nyantakyi loyalists claiming that Afriyie had been plotting to undermine him – claim the latter has denied.

Despite these claims Nyantakyi went ahead to propose to CAF to appoint Afriyie to one of the strongest committee within the continent’s governing body as he serves on the Africa Cup of Nations committee.

The former chief executive officer of Accra Great Olympics has declared his intention to contest for the Ghana FA post in 2019 during the celebration of his 50th birthday celebration.


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