Gbawe Kwatei family head clears air

The Gbawe Kwatei Head of family in Accra, Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey, has kicked against the purported installation of one Ebenezer Nii Kpakpa Quartey as the new family head even whilst he [Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey] was still alive.

The 95-year-old legitimate, gazetted and government accredited head of the Gbawe Kwatei family, who expressed disgust at the installation of a new head of family, indicated that a news publication carried out on Friday July, 6 2018 edition, Page 21 of the Ghanaian Times under the headline: “Kwatei Family Of Gbawe Gets New Head,” must be disregarded since the installation was not traditionally and customarily done.


Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey noted with deep regret the conduct of the Ghanaian Times for carrying out such ‘frivolous and malicious’ story.

According to him, the reporter could have contacted him before the publication since he was still the head of the Gbawe Kwatei family.


Addressing a press conference in Accra yesterday to set the records straight on the matter, the Principal Kingmaker (Djaasetse) of Ga Akwashongtse of the Asere Division of the Ga State, Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey, and five heads of Gbawe Kwatei family made it known to the general public and the media that he was still alive and strong, serving as the rightful head of Gbawe Kwatei family of Gbawe.


He mentioned that Ebenezer Nii Kpakpa Quartey, a retired Principal Accountant of the Controller and Accountant General Department, cannot be recognised as head of Gbawe Kwatei family, and thus called on the management of the Ghanaian Times to retract the said publication to avoid any further confusion and clashes in the area.


“I would like to inform the general public that I am still alive at age 95 and with the consent of head of the six head of families that constitute the Gbawe Kwatei family,” he said.


It has also been established that February 10, 2015 at the forecourt of Gbawe chief’s palace, Isaac Nii Laryea Qaurtey was enstooled as the next of kin who will take over the position as head of Gbawe Kwatei family.


The ceremony to enstool Isaac Nii Laryea Qaurtey to succeed Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey was ceremoniously witnessed by all the six heads of the Gbawe Kwatei family including the said Ebenezer Nii Kpakpa Quartey himself, and the Gbawe Mantse, Nii Laryea Faamli-tε II, without any opposition or complaint.


Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey recalled that he sought the knowledge and endorsement of the chief of Gbawe and that of Ebenezer Nii kpakpa Quartey who is now claiming to be the new head but was part of the ceremony held at the Gbawe Mantse palace on February 10, 2015 to enstool Isaac Nii Laryea Qaurtey as his next of kin to succeed him after his demise which had not yet happened.


Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey stated that he is very much surprised and highly disappointed to read such orchestrated falsehood published in the Ghanaian Times Newspaper.


He prayed that the media and the general public should treat the story with contempt and averred that the story is false and should be disregarded completely.

In all, five heads of family out of the six heads that constitute the Gbawe Kwatei family who were also present in the family meeting expressed their displeasure, surprise and disappointment in the chief of Gbawe for being part of the said publication in the Ghanaian Times.


The said publication, they noted, was to dent the image of the people of Gbawe Kwatei family and their undisputed ‘honest, respectful and faithful head of family, Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey, who had served his people in high esteem and was honoured by the outgone Chief, Justice Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, in a citation in 2015.


They recalled his benevolence, humility and social life attributes and good morals that have brought him that far to a glorious age of 95 as head of Gbawe Kwatei family and still humbly serving.


Meanwhile, in a press release, Solomon Nii Afutu Quartey, Family Secretary to the Gbawe Kwatei Family, has stated that his office that serves as the secretariat for the family had not received any information at all on the false publication and will immediately take steps to write officially to the management of the Ghanaian Times to retract the said story to prevent any fear and panic as well as the confusion being created in the Gbawe community.



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