Gabby  Jubilates *Over Sex for Grades exposé’


A leading member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, is happy that ‘sex for grades’ which is a global phenomenon has now become a major issue in Ghana.


He, therefore, entreated Ghanaians to welcome the debate on the subject but cautioned that it must be done responsibly.


He further cautioned against linking good grades for female students to sex.


Commenting on the BBC’s documentary titled Sex For Grades which exposed how some lecturers in West African universities trade sex with female students for grades in his tweet, he urged that the discussion on sex for grades must be made a very expensive habit.


“We should not be chauvinistic and stretch it to link good grades for female students to sex; far from the truth,” he said.


Meanwhile, Prof Ransford Gyampo, one of the lecturers captured in the documentary, has denied any wrongdoing and threatened to sue BBC for defamation.


“While I prepare to sue the BBC for carrying out the most bogus and unprofessional piece of documentary in the world so far, I wish to remind them that Ghana and for that matter, Africa, has long thrown out the yoke of colonialism,” his response read.


“We are an independent continent with our own institutions that can handle internal matters. There cannot be much talk about strengthening institutions when they are blatantly prevented from doing their work by needless intruders like the BBC.


“The University of Ghana where I teach has credible outfit and mechanisms for dealing with matters of harassment. Why did the BBC refuse to encourage the one harassed to report the matter? Sexual harassment is also a criminal matter. Why has the BBC refused to report the matter?” he questioned.


The political science lecturer insisted that he had never had any sexual relation with any of his students in exchange for grades.


“I have taught for 14 years. Not a single report or formal complaint of sexual harassment or sex for grade has been launched against me,” he said, while alleging that politicians were bent on seeing him fall.


“I am committed to doing what I know how to do best and tell the politicians who are behind this that these things haven’t worried me at all.”


Earlier, the University of Lagos in Nigeria has also suspended one of its lecturers, Boniface Igbeneghu, who captured in the BBC documentary on sexual harassment.


This came shortly after the lecturer, who is also a pastor, was suspended by his church.


The BBC report is part of a year-long investigation into sexual harassment by professors at the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana.





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