Ga State must heed the President’s advice

PRESIDENT Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has admonished principal kingmakers and elders of Ga State to ensure that the many chieftaincy disputes plaguing the Ga State are addressed.

OBVIOUSLY, the President’s advice comes on the heels of the many chieftaincy disputes that have saddled the entire Ga state.

ACCORDING to the President, the situation was not only an indictment on the Ga State but the nation as a whole.

INDEED there are several Ga communities, which developments continue to suffer because of chieftaincy dispute(s).

AS we speak now there is a dispute over who the rightful and legitimate Ga Mantse is.

SO far, we have four claimants to the Ga Paramount Royal Stool, and from the look of things all these four persons are not ready to back down.

FOR us at Today this is a matter that the principal kingmakers and elders of Ga State must seriously reflect on and deal with it to bring sanity and peace.

IT is sad that in some Ga communities we have more than two persons all laying claim to the throne.

THIS has, most often than not, contributed to the many conflicts that have erupted in Ga communities.

WE believe there are Ga customs and traditions surrounding the installing of chiefs and queen mothers within the Ga State.

WE also know that there is a chieftaincy lineage that must be followed when it comes to the nomination and subsequent installing of chiefs.

THE issue therefore is why some people would try to undermine this process by nominating people who do not qualify to be installed as chiefs.

AND this is what has most often triggered and led to many chieftaincy disputes.

WE hope that the President’s advice to the kingmakers will be acted upon to reduce these highly necessary chieftaincy disputes, which sometimes degenerate into violent clashes.

WHAT we need in our communities is peace and stability to aid in development.

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