‘Freddie Blay must apologise’

The National House of Chiefs (NHCs) has asked National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay, to render an unqualified apology to its President, Togbe Afede XIV, and chiefs in general.

A statement issued by the Governance and Development Committee, National House of Chiefs, in Accra at the weekend, explained that the apology was necessary, following what it described as “the insults and insulting behavior” of the NPP national chairman against chiefs.

According to the statement, the House was completely astonished at Mr Blay’s description of a portion Togbe Afede’s address to the House as “palm wine business talk.”

Clearing the air on what exactly Togbe Afede said, the statement stressed: “The House wishes to state categorically that what the President said when he addressed the House at its general meeting on July 6, 2018 was not appropriate, and the intent and purpose was to caution against what has become a major stumbling block to development.”

The statement continued that the President’s statement that, “sometime ago it was one political party building a multi-billion dollar headquarters. We all sat down and did not complain. More recently it’s an aspiring chairman of a party buying 275 vehicles. These are matters that should attract Nananom’s attention. I am happy that at least the latest one has attracted the attention of the Special Prosecutor does not amount to a call for probe.

To this end, the statement advised against people speaking ill of chiefs who are the custodians of the country’s customs and traditions.

Early on, the Asogli State Council in a statement signed by its Secretary, Stephen Tetteh, expressed disquiet at the NPP chairman.

“We take strong exceptions to the statements, names and comments in this reply as they are insulting and disrespectful.

“A statement such as this and from the President of the National House of Chiefs and an astute businessman does not warrant the kind of response from the National Chairman of the ruling party, a former First Deputy Speaker of Parliament and a lawyer,” the statement noted.

Against this background, the Asogli State Council called on Mr Blay to render and unqualified apology to the president of the National House of Chiefs.


Story: Kwamena ANANSE

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