Franklin Cudjoe writes about ineffective EC

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Hope you are well and keeping safe.

Anyway, now Corona is being blamed for “postponing” registration for a new voter register. My Vice-President for research and development at IMANI, puts it fittingly..”Blaming corona for “postponing” an activity that was simply IMPOSSIBLE to do by April 18th is simply ridiculous! And that we shall see when to do it when health experts advise. They think designing and implementing a full-scale enterprise software system when even custom-specification and contracting have not been done is a joke, huh? So infuriating! “

ME: Never underestimate the power and mind of a determined tax waster. $150m free money, when not yours, is just one of those pituful leaky basket scenarious. Tragedy of the Commons it is.

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