‘Fool me once’ based on real life story – Y’akoto

German Ghanaian-born singer, Y’akoto, has said her hit song “Fool me once” was based on a real life story.

Speaking to Jon Germain on the Drop Off show last Tuesday, the 30-year-old RnB singer said she had a broken heart at the age of 24 when she thought she was dating the love of her life.

“Most of my songs are based on conversations that I have with people and sometimes with myself,” she added.

When she was asked what was the name of the boy who broke her heart, she said: “don’t mind that foolish boy”.

According to her, the very first song she released was inspired by child soldiers. She said watching those children having such sophisticated weapons and being made to go to war made her teary.

The song about child soldiers titled “Tamba” was met with mixed reactions since it was way off her usual love songs.

Y’akoto is a RnB and soul singer whose hit song “Fool me once” was nominated for Echo Award for Best National Rock/Pop Female Artist


Source: Starrfmonline

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