Fomena Constituency Primary… Delegates Back MP’s Ouster


Led by its Chairman, Akwasi Anti Asamoah, the decision-makers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Fomena Constituency are set to once again make their Member of Parliament a one-timer.

If that happens then Lawyer Andrews Asiamah would be the third legislator in a row to represent the Fomena Constituency only once in Parliament since 2008.

However, it appears to be a foregone conclusion as the over three hundred delegates, together with the constituency executives have openly vouched for Philip Ofori Asante, aka POFA, as the man to beat in the upcoming parliamentary primary in April 2020.

This open declaration by Chairman Asamoah together with the three hundred delegates happened in Fomena last Friday when they held a press conference.

They cited, among other things, “disunity, disrespect for the grassroots, an attempt to tamper with the voter album and a long drawn legal tussle” all brought upon the rank- and-file by the incumbent MP as some of the reasons they would have him ousted from Parliament during the primary.

“This MP is very dumb; I will resign from the chairmanship if he is able to get 40 votes at the primary; if he tries to influence the delegates with money, then I’m ready to pay GHC 15,000 if he gives them GHC 5,000,” Chairman Akwasi Anti Asamoah, told the press on Friday.

For his part, Philip Ofori Asante, who had gone to submit his nomination forms to contest in the primary, described the Fomena Constituency as one “without an MP,” reason, according to him, it was lagging behind in terms of development.

He pledged to submit himself to working for the good of the party and the constituents if he gets the nod to represent the NPP in the 2020 parliamentary election.

Since 2008, the Fomena constituency, a stronghold of the ruling NPP, has changed its MP, consequent to the party’s parliamentary primary.

Hon Abu Bonsra, who won the seat in 2008, was ousted at the primary of 2011, to make way for Hon Atta Boafo; in 2015, he also lost at the primary to Lawyer Andrews Asiamah, now the incumbent MP, who is now also close to falling to the delegates’ dagger.



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