Floods wreak havoc *In Santa-Maria, Omandzor Auntie Eku

The heavy downpour on Sunday, April 14, 2019 has caused serious havoc to lives and properties at Santa-Maria Last Stop, Omandzor and Auntie Aku—communities in the Ga Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, for which the affected residents have called for a lasting solution to the perennial flooding problem in these areas.

A visit to these areas by Today revealed that the affected residents were still counting their losses as their homes and shops, kiosks and stores were flooded as a result of Sunday’s downpour.

So far, one death has been recorded at Omandzor community.

According to information available to Today, some streets in these three communities also got flooded, forcing drivers to abandon their vehicles.

Flooding in these areas is perennial and all attempts by the authorities to get citizens to avoid building on waterways and clogging drains have proven futile.

Speaking in an interview with Today in a visit to the flooding areas yesterday to ascertain the current situation, some of the affected residents stated that the rain accounted for the submerging of their roads, kioks, stores, shops, houses and cars.

They stressed the need for the Ga Central Municipal authorities to find ways of directing the rain water into appropriate receptacles or destinations to save the city from flooding during rainy season.

A petty trader at Santa Maria Last Stop, Madam Getrude Asamoah, who was affected by Sunday’s floods, noted that because the central government was the biggest authority with all the technology and the technocrats at its disposal, “it should explore the option to deal with the rain water once and for all.”

She pointed out that as traders they could do very little about the flooding, which disturbed their activities not only at the market but also other areas.

She emphasised that the government should, therefore, rise up and solve the issue.

A close observation by Today revealed that most of the affected residents had indeed raised the walls of the entrance to their houses, but others had done nothing about it.

Some of the affected residents expressed their concerns to Today that they did not know what to do in the circumstances.

However, other residents who spoke to Today pointed out that they had not seen the city authorities doing anything concrete to avert any flooding should it happen again this year.





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