FC Frankfurt City builds football academy …in Tamale


F.C Frankfurt City, a renowned German-based football academy, has established a football academy in Tamale, Northern Region of Ghana, to provide young football talents the necessary professional training and coaching to become professional footballers.

Again, the academy will train young talents between the ages of 12-17 years the basic development and professional technics to enable them fulfill their dreams of becoming football superstars.

Speaking at the commissioning, the former President of F.C.F.C Frankfurt Academy, Mr Wahid Bensaou, said Ghana abounds with so many football talents that need to be developed.

He said, the Tamale F.C.F.C Frankfurt City Football Academy’s goal is to blend both the European mentality and African talents together, saying that almost European football clubs have Ghanaian players, especially talents from Tamale.

“There are so many talents in Tamale; it is well-known in Europe that there are talents in Tamale, so we have opened this academy in Tamale to give these young talents the technical, physical and mental support. We want to grow both the European mentality and African talents together,” he said.

The Manager of the newly established Tamale F.C Frankfurt City Academy, Mr Ibrahim Sunday, a former Hearts of Oak player and the son of Ghanaian football legend, George Alhassan, reiterated that, the north of Ghana was abound with very good football talents.

“There is so much talents in northern Ghana, the reason we decided to come and open an academy here, which we have in Frankfurt, Germany… so we will be able to prepare young players,” he explained.

Mr Sunday said the intention of the academy is to instill tactical discipline among young footballers in the region, noting that without tactical discipline the talents of young footballers in the north will be wasted.

“So our intention is that we combine the tactical aspect of it together with the talent that they have today, now you realise that without tactics they cannot go anywhere …so our intention is to build a strong academy here in Tamale to take them internationally, prepare them mentally and physically fit to be able to compete not only national but the international level,” he said.

The former Hearts of Oak player said over forty (40) young players came out during the justify-your-inclusion but over 20 young players were selected to start the academy, adding that the academy will also scout to bring more talents on board.

“These young football talents can make the difference tomorrow; they can bring about development and they can alleviate or break the shackles of poverty among their families. But we have to prepare them well enough to able to create this change,” Coach Sunday emphasised.

Coach Sunday said the academy will provide the necessary training both mentally and physically to realise their full potential.

He hinted that the academy will be looking out for partnerships and sponsors around the globe to grow the many football talents in the north of Ghana.

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