Family runs to CJ for justice

The Oyoko family at Kisiase in the Eastern Region has appealed to the Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo to investigate a demolition order, which was granted to one Solomon Opare Addo Quaynor by the Akropong Akwapim Circuit Court to demolish their family properties.

Addressing the media last Saturday at Kisiase, spokesperson for the family, Madam Mayfred Owusu said, her family are the owners of over 47 parcels of land acquired by first settlers over 200 years ago and has since been enjoying its occupation without any disturbances.

She said that, the family was led by one Amoyah Kwadwo to acquire the said land.

However, few years ago, she said, one of her family heads, Kwame Asiedu leased a portion of their land to Solomon Opare Addo Quaynor who built a house on it, close to their boundary.

According to her, due to the closeness of the disputed land, Solomon Opare Addo took advantage and started laying claims to their lands.

She alleged that he sold   portions of the land to people without the consent of the family.

She disclosed that, her family on h September 29, 2001, filed an emotion at the Akropong-Akwapim Circuit Court against Solomon Opare Addo, which was ruled in their favour.

But Solomon Opare Addo who was not satisfied with the court’s ruling, she said, appealed against it, and consequently won it.

“So we told the court that they should bring experts to the site to demarcate the area and give two parcels that was due Solomon Opare Quaynor to him and give our portion to us. We have been waiting for the court since 2016, only to hear that he (Solomon Opare Addo) had secured a demolition order”, she said.

The family, she said, upon hearing of the said order went to court and secured a stay of execution on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 to prevent him from demolition even though they were not served with copy of the demolition order.

“Just two days after our stay of execution, a letter was served on him, but he went on and demolished everything on our land even though by law demolition can take effect only after 21 days,” she added.

Madam Mayfred Owusu, therefore, appealed to the Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, to investigate circumstances leading to the issuance of the demolition order and why Solomon Opare Addo won the appeal case




Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo

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